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Here at First Choice Immigration, we are aiming to become one of the United States leading business consulting firms. We work with top foreign and local investors to help them make better decisions with their money, and help convert those decisions into actions that deliver sustainable success that they desire.


Our CEO, has been working with in immigration and doing work with multiple law firms. Through his journey he has learned a lot, and he spent all of his extra time learning more about the immigration process until he mastered it. Building a name for yourself now a days isn't easy, but he did on honesty and hard work. Our CEO is Palestinian by roots, and American by birth. He is an Entrepreneur with multiple bachelor degrees, and is helping other people all over the world now achieve success in America.


We have been working with investors from all over the world that have wanted to come to the United States by directing them to law firms, we help with assembling the business plan, business registration, consulting on a business idea, finding them a business, translating, and more. The passion we bring to the table helps us keep our customers happy by achieving results better than they expected and wished for.


Our vision can be summed up by one phrase: Shared Ambition, True Results.


Our clients are our family, and we want our family to succeed.


Meaning, we will approach every clients business and case as if it was our own. we believe a consulting firm should be more than just an advisor. We put ourselves in our clients shoes, align incentives with their objectives, and collabortate to make sure everything is perfect for their business and case needs. which in return builds a deep and enjoyable partnership.


We were built on focusing on the best results, and we will continue to raise the bar for the competition. True results require tailored solutions not limited by boundaries of departments and industries. True Results are pragmatic and action based.


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